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Our Goal

In 2017, FlameWave teamed up with a leading lighting expert to revolutionize the flameless candle and lighting industry. Our goal was to create a product that is safe, cool to the touch, and incredibly realistic, offering elegance and romance to any environment – indoors or out!

After countless hours of work, an LED-based module featuring over 100 lights moving in a random pattern was developed. This cutting edge technology displayed the most lifelike simulated flame on the market and we knew we were onto something big!


Next came a light bulb module featuring the one of a kind Pineapple Lens. Combined, they offer unparalleled flame simulation. We are thrilled that FlameWave carries a U.S. patent and Trademark for this revolutionary product. We are now building partnerships with domestic retail and wholesale merchandisers.

At FlameWave, we’re constantly innovating; keep an eye on us in the future for new products (hint: we love chandelier bulbs and tiki torches)!